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All of us make promises to others in our lives. I do it. You do it. And so often they are ‘transactional’.

You tell me what you are going to do. I tell you what I am going to do – And we never do them. “Oh, we’ll have lunch – I’ll call you – I’ll get back to you”. Most often, I never do. And I want to do better.

I think perhaps a better angle is that if we value our relationships (personal, business and otherwise), it seems they are grounded in meeting others’ hopes and expectations, and if we are really good, we do not only meet them. We surpass them.

My lovely readers, I feel this plays well to all of our relationships (and as the business of fashion is ‘real business’) this speaks to us as well.

Why? Because we live in an enormously competitive climate. One that is saturated with consumers’ tendencies. In our arena, the traditional ‘under-promise practitioners’ will not survive. I, rather, encourage everyone in our space to push past mediocrity. I prefer to thrive.

How does this translate?

Shifting to a practice of ‘promising concisely and over-delivering.’ A constant focus on targeting more precisely what the second party needs, and executing it to perfection beyond our clients’ wildest expectations. We, therefore, become memorable, and – if we are fortunate – we become indispensable. It extends further than making yourself valuable. It raises you to a level where you are irreplaceable.

This is what I endeavor toward. If I am able to be successful, then I hope (I expect?) that my relationships will blossom on all fronts – whether they are rooted in a personal or professional capacity.

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