Paris, Please

My lovely readers,

This will forever be my fav shoot of all time. Tip toed into the ‘socks + heels’ trend to give a fashion-forward vibe – which ended up being totally in line with the Parisian feels of the room. Paired this distressed overall dress with a cutout blouse to amp up the more casual denim.

I (so graciously) partnered with Forever 21 on this one. Their clothes are at the price point where I don’t feel bad if I buy overly trendy pieces like the overalls + socks. I tend to focus investments in my closet on more timeless pieces, so Forever 21 let’s me have a bit more freedom with something that may not be in style next season:)


Sarah Dewald wearing

Distressed Overall Mini Dress
Pinstripe Open-Shoulder Top
Metallic Mesh Sandals
Sheer Polka Dot Crew Socks

All pieces from Forever 21

**This product was gifted to me in partnership with Forever 21 (I’m so fortunate, you guys). As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Forever keeping honesty and integrity at the forefront. XX, Sarah

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