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Holy excitement. Officially launching my first episode of #CFLive today. I’ll be taking over the College Fashionista Snapchat every Wednesday, essentially documenting my typical day and stylistic agendas.

Who better to explain the installment than College Fashionista:

“We are excited to announce our latest project—#CFLive! #CFLive is a Snapchat reality show of sorts, following the day-to-day lives of some our most #RAD Style Gurus. #CFLive spotlights the journey that ultimately connects our CollegeFashionista community—a network of driven, busy college students navigating through the highs and lows of school, starting their careers while also juggling their personal lives in style! Whether they are attending a cool event, taking a trip with a friend, picking out the perfect OOTD or even simply enjoying a cup of coffee, you will see it all (and in real time) on #CFLive.”

I’ve linked the rest of the article above, so that you can read more into the project as well as the other three Style Gurus involved (I’m in such good company).

Mark your calendars, I’ll be live every week from 11am – 2pm. Be sure to tune in by adding @CFashionista on Snapchat! [/cs_text][x_image type=”none” src=”https://www.lovings.co/wp-content/uploads/Sarah-Signature.jpg” alt=”” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][x_line style=”border-top-width: 1px;”][x_image type=”none” src=”https://www.lovings.co/wp-content/uploads/IMG_1628.jpg” alt=”” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][x_share title=”Share this Post” share_title=”” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” linkedin=”true” pinterest=”true” reddit=”false” email=”true” email_subject=”Hey, thought you might enjoy this! Check it out when you have a chance:”][x_recent_posts type=”post” count=”3″ offset=”” category=”” orientation=”horizontal” no_sticky=”true” no_image=”false” fade=”false”][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]